The challenge is to fill our social media pages with  how you are acting #BeyondJustBlue, and encouraging others to take the challenge and step up.  

No action is too small--if you are an individual with an ASD, share your story, share what your interests and dreams are or share a photo of you and your neurotypical friends and give them a shout out!  If you are not on the spectrum, you have a role to play as well, say hello or smile at us, or if you see a mother with a puzzle piece pin or accessory share in a random acts of kindness and let her and her child know you care and accept--then share your experience. The point is to begin to create a culture of acceptance by sharing your real-life actions of accepting individuals with autism yourself.  

Please use #BeyondJustBlue in your posts, as my goal is to collect these and share them via my social channels and blog to distribute them for the world to see.  

Have ideas or thoughts on how we can build this movement, contact me; this is our movement to create together! 


The time has come to move the needle of awareness toward acceptance. People with intellectual disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have the same dreams, desires and hopes for their futures as anyone else. I know this, because I am one of those individuals.  

April is an important month, it allows us, and our loved ones and friends, to show their support of us for Autism Awareness Month.  But too many individuals with autism remain statistics--high school drop out rates continue to be high, we are one of the highest groups to be targeted for bullying, unemployment rates continue to climb, and the cost to raise a child with autism creates hardships with record numbers of kids with autism living in poverty.  These are real issues our community faces, particularly for those of us considered "young adults on the spectrum." 

Join me in making #BeyondJustBlue a real movement!  Everyone has a role, whether you have an ASD, related to a person with ASD, or have no connection to autism whatsoever but believe that basic rights and freedoms belong to everyone.